Week 2: South Carolina and Savannah

So we have found that we have a really hard time following a schedule. Between the potty breaks for the kids, the potty breaks for the dog, the “oh let’s just stop at that pretty place for a minutes” from me, and the “hey, there’s a Camping World coming up” from Scott, we can usually plan to add, say, 4 hours to any drive time.

By the time neared our first semi-permanent stop just outside of Hilton Head, what was supposed to be a 5 hour trip had turned into nine. Yes, I said nine. We were all pretty tired, but the moment we came around the corner and spotted the cutest campground ever, spirits were quickly lifted. Well, at least mine were. Camp Lake Jasper was almost straight out of Disney World. From the lighting to the palm trees to the matching washroom and laundry buildings, this was my kind of place. We pulled in and got Paradise leveled (Paradise is the trailers new name, because no matter where we are, we are always in Paradise) around 10pm. As the driver of a 39ft trailer, arriving at a campground at night is usually a little nerve wracking because it is usually in the sticks and there aren’t runway lights to let you know where to go. Usually I drive 5mph so that I can stop quickly if a random animal jumps out, or a tree happens to be in the wrong spot. The one really cool thing about arriving in the dark is waking up in the morning. You wake up and it’s like Christmas morning opening the window and revealing the place you are going to call home for the next two weeks. I can see how this could be the exact opposite from amazing, but we have lucked out so far. Well, Hilton Head doesn’t disappoint. It never does. From palm trees to blue skies, this is our own little piece of heaven. Plus we can see the dog park from our kitchen table, so the fur baby was thrilled.

The first full day in the Hilton Head area was also the first day of MAPS (Mommy’s Awesome Private School). I think I was more nervous than the kids. I prepared the night before and felt a little unsure of what the following morning would bring. Well, the kids were great and sped through their work. We had snack at the dog park and I read to them from the most amazing books that Uncle Keith bought the kids before we left. They are by Rush Limbaugh and they are all about American history, the exact subject we are living for the next year. We finished the morning with math, and then all 5 of us headed out the door to the beach. Technically, we dropped poor Scott at the nearest Starbucks to work more (the WiFi at Lake Jasper leaves much to be desired), and the littles and I headed for the beach. It was pretty windy, but we spent 2 hours playing in the waves, and Sophie met the ocean … up close and personal. I “think” she liked it but the jury is still out, there was a lot of “hopping” around in the water. It was a pretty perfect day, and the kids were so happy to see the ocean again.

Friday night, after another wonderful afternoon at the beach, we went to an amazing restaurant that we visited last time we were in Hilton Head: The Skull Creek Boathouse. Besides the food being amazing, a big draw is that they have an amazing outdoor patio where your dog is allowed to sit at your table with you. The dog goes pretty much everywhere with us and we have not found many places that she is not allowed. Dogs are OK on all of the beaches on Hilton Head, and, usually, if there is a store or building that has a no dogs sign, they get a look at her with her cute flower and allow her in. Sometimes they even give her a treat. Sophie has really surprised us all and been a super easy going dog so far! She loves riding in the truck, and she really keeps her eye on the kids when we are out. It’s really cute.

The rest of the days since then have been more of the same. Getting into our new routine, school, exploring, and lots of bike riding. The kids have found a new passion for bike riding and I am thrilled. Now I just have to find the perfect bike for me. Don’t laugh but I want a basket on it so that I can take the dog. Scott seems skeptical but I know it can happen.

Yesterday was a special day because we explored Savannah, Georgia. (Pronounced “Jawja”, according to Charlie’s “How to Speak Southern” book.) It was a beautiful day: a little cool and perfect for walking. We started the day on a Trolley Tour and the kids loved it. The architecture and history is so beautiful and I am so thankful that we are absorbing all of it together. We got off the trolley and went to a really neat park for a bit. The kids got some of their wiggles out on a playground and then we were ready to continue. After lunch at a diner that has been in Savannah since 1903, we boarded the trolley for a few more sights and then did some shopping down by the harbor. It was quaint and had some really cute shops. Having the excuse that we have no room to put anything has saved us a lot of money already on souvenirs. It’s kind of nice. We are now in an “if it can fit in your pocket” kind of mind set.

After our day of sightseeing we drove on to Tybee Island for dinner. We stopped at a place called The Crab Shack to see the alligators and aviary that were heavily advertised on the road leading to the island. They were a little disappointing. The aviary was a small room crammed with cages of screaming birds, and the “alligators” were all under 3 feet long and sleeping. The neighborhood cat was the most exciting part of the stop for Charlie. She definitely has her Daddy’s cat skills. We had received a suggestion to stop at a restaurant called Social Club and it was amazing. Please keep the suggestions coming! It was a tiny place with 6 parking spots. Our waitress was wearing a doily looking mini skirt with an old, over-sized hoodie and high tops, but the food was amazing! We had this amazing Gruyère cheese appetizer and various tacos for dinner. Scott was laughing at me because of the amount of times I said, “Oh my, this is amazing! Best thing I have ever eaten!”. It was a great place and I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks for the suggestion, Dwylene.

So far, we have a had a wonderful time on our adventure. We have met some really cool humans and a lot of cute dogs, and the kids are loving life. Every day is something new and at the same time, the same old routine of life. Kind of an odd feeling. I have found myself missing friends and family, but a phone call or text makes me feel connected again. Thank you for all of your kind comments. Until next time.

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