Things Are Getting Real Now

Things are suddenly becoming very real.

We’ve had the trailer for about 6-7 weeks now. We’ve taken a shake down trip to make sure everything works like we expect. We’ve started selling and donating and throwing out lots of stuff. We’ve taken a bunch to storage. We still have a long way to go, but our basement is finally starting to get empty. My mom is in town to help us get ready and to take one of our dogs back to CA to live with her and my dad while we are gone.

We’re getting closer and closer all the time, but as I sit here planning out my next three weeks of work (my team only plans three weeks of work at a time in detail and we call them sprints) it’s suddenly very real.

This is the first sprint where I will be working from the trailer on the road.

The next time I do this planning, we will be living on the road. We won’t have a house any more. We (hopefully) won’t have our cars any more. We won’t have a cable bill. Our mail will be forwarded to another address.

We’re all so excited for this, but it’s finally getting real.